Thursday, January 3, 2013

Using Campaign Tracking to Send a Message

I put campaign tracking on nearly every link I sent to the web.  It's not just about finding out where your traffic is coming from, but also leaving an impression on other developers that you're sending traffic too.

There's another useful method for this: sending messages to a site that have the potential to be very visible to someone that can make decisions.  When you send a message to customer support, it gets mixed in with the general opinion of the user-base and then transferred on to product and marketing.  Chances are, your opinion doesn't make it past the support team.  However, employees at the company looking at analytics are often employees trying to make practical product decisions based on this data.  You hit them directly this way.

Suppose you visit my website, and decide you'd love to tell me how wonderful it is.  You could send me a message with:

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